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Who we are?

EnivGlobe is your Engineering, Energy & Environmental partner. Our mission is to develop and deliver pronounced solutions that contributes to sustainable environmental and social developments in Egypt and the region.

We partner with our clients to create sustainable value by:

• Achieving and demonstrating compliance with laws and regulations
• Managing environmental, health, safety and social responsibility challenges
• Increasing profits through responsible waste management, energy conservation and improved operations efficiency
• Saving cost through utilization of cleaner energy sources
• Achieving overall positive impact on the environment and society

Our Vision

To be the Engineering, Environmental and Energy partner of choice in the Middle East - Africa Region and internationally recognized for our contribution and expertise in the following fields:

Environmental Consultancies
Energy Management
Solid Waste Management
WEEE Recycling
Renewable Energy

Our Values

Goal Zero: We are committed to Goal Zero. No harm to people, assets and the environment.

Honesty & Integrity: We demonstrate honesty and integrity in all what we do.

Excellence: We strive to deliver excellence through teamwork, partnerships and integrated approach.